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H.E. The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway
Jens Stoltenberg
Akersgaten 42
P.O. Box  8001 dep.NO-0030 Oslo

Ventotene, 28th August 2011


Prime Minister,

In the coming days, the European Federalists are meeting on the Island of Ventotene for the 28th international youth seminar "Federalism in Europe and in the World". On this occasion, we would like to commemorate the victims of the national tragedy that happened a few weeks ago in Oslo and Utøya, particularly the loss of many young people who were dedicating their life to democracy. Moreover, our organisation has been directly touched by this tragedy: we are in mourning for two active members of our local Norwegian branch and for one injured. We would like to convey our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and our determination that we will continue our work for peace and democracy all over Europe as their legacy, as an answer to every expression of intolerance and extremism.

From Ventotene, this tiny Island, where seventy years ago Altiero Spinelli and others started the pacific struggle for European unification, we pick up the flag left in Utøya and we confirm our commitment to build a democratic and open society in Europe and in the World to defeat any kind of violence and hate.


Christian  Wenning, Secretary General, UEF  Europe

Philippe Adriaenssens, President, JEF Europe

Lucio Levi, President UEF Italy

Federico Butti, President, JEF Italy

Domenico Moro, Altiero Spinelli Institute


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